Digital Solutions

Cloud Based Software

Our Cloud Based Software, Allander Cloud, allows for safe and secure storage of data in an online cloud.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is proven to be an effective communication solution that dramatically out-performs its traditional, non-digital competitors. Popular applications include visitor management and wayfinding at public venues, menu boards and advertising in retail spaces, and corporate reception areas and notice boards.

Features & Benefits

Hardware Agnostic

Cloud Based

Flexible Content

eCommerce Shops

Ecommerce, also known as electric commerce, is an online platform that can host a businesses transactions. For example – Amazon is one of the most popular Ecommerce stores.

Features & Benifits

Reaching a wider Global Market

Around-the-clock availability for customers

Shopping habits can be easily identified through analytics

Reducing costs

Web Development & Intranets

Our team use Word Press and have access to premium features in order to build secure, modern functional websites. We can support the process of website creation from an idea to a secure website with your own personalised domain and email.