Communications and Marketing Solutions

Staying connected with your clients is at the basis of all business operations. Here at Allander, we want to make this process as simple as possible through assisting with direct mail, email campaigns and social media marketing. We can process all your direct mail projects from initial design right through to printing and delivery. And will use our data management services to ensure a targeted campaign that can give great cost savings and avoid misdirected mailings. We will also assist with the management and coordination of your email campaigns, creating custom designs specific to your requirements. Here at Allander we understand that social media is a great way to gain customers and promote your business. We can also assist with social media marketing campaigns that will increase engagement and response rate.


Direct Mail

We will work closely with clients to help them get the perfect design and printing format for a direct mail campaign. We have completed many high-volume and low-volume direct mailing projects, using data services to ensure targeted results.


Paramount can assist with email marketing and communications; email marketing is a key tool which allows for direct engagement with customers. We will fully manage the design and messaging to create campaigns that will stand out and engage your clients.

Social Media Marketing

The easiest way to engage with a larger audience and maximise your campaign for minimal costs. Optimising both customer/client reach and engagement and B2B opportunities. We can assist with the full design process and manage activity across all platforms.

Campaign Reporting

It is essential to not only have effective campaigns but also to track how they are performing. This can ensure you are promoting content at the correct time and targeting the right audience. Saving you time and money and giving you the opportunity to extend the reach of your business.